Sunday, January 20, 2008

Beautifully Made, A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind = A well served motion picture. Eventhough its not 100% perfect, but it really is deserved the title Best Picture Oscar a few years ago (despite the fact that I like Moulin Rouge better). From my friend's recommendation, I bough this DVD from a while ago, but I just have the chance to watch it recently. The story is about life of John Forbes Nash, Jr., a loner mathematician who struggled with his delusional from schizophrenia & his work that received a Nobel Prize in 1994.

The most thing I like about this movie is the acting. Russel Crowe gave the performance that I think was better than when he played in Gladiator (which the one he got an Oscar from, but unfortunately he lost in A Beautiful Mind). From the first minute, he played really good, that made us can see who John Nash really is. Besides him, Jennifer Connelly who played, Nash's lover, Alicia, played really really nice here (no wonder that she got an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for this role).

The other thing that I thought is the perfect point of this movie is the great directing achievement by Ron Howard which we can't denied. Plus, the score, ooh, I really like it. Its really astonishing and match in every scene.

Overall, this movie is a great movie and a Must-See movie for all of you who like touching and inspiring drama movies. But if you don't, this movie can be your inspiration that there's no such thing as a perfect person. Well, thats just my opinion, whats yours?

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