Wednesday, April 21, 2010

10 Movie Facts About Me (meme)

I personally don't do this kinda thing. But after being tagged by my former teacher (not really tho), Ms. Novia Rozet, I got intrigued to do this meme. It's pretty fun. She told me to post it with full English and I'm not that expert, so bear with me with my English.

1. I don't really remember what was the first movie I watched back then, but I'm pretty sure it was Jumanji. And I think it was the movie responsible for my hobby of watching movies. Until this day, I still laugh my ass off every time I watch it.

I love thrillers, mysteries and detective stories. A brilliant twist at the end is a plus. But other than that, I'm a universal watcher. Horror, romance, drama, comedy, gore, action, GIMME!

3. I give movies the term 'my favorite' so easily. The truth is: most of them were forgotten after 2-3 weeks. A bad habit, I know. Only a few movies that still stay on that spot.

4. ...and one of them is The Shawshank Redemption.

5. My first experience going to the cinema with my friends was to watch The Tuxedo, starred Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love-Hewitt. I think I was still in the 4th grade.

6. I collect an Indonesian movie magazine, Cinemags, from the Black Hawk Down edition. It was released in 2001. And from that edition until now, I've NEVER missed one copy of the magazine. But now I'm thinking to change subscriptions.

7. Just like Ms. Novroz, I never actually like my own country's flicks. I got disappointed by watching them every now and then. I know they're improving right now, but I think it'll take me a long time until I fully appreciate them. Okay, no offense I just hate people telling me "If you, as an Indonesian, don't watch it, who else? Good quality Indonesian movies are not exist because lack of audiences" DON'T BE SUCH A WHINY-ASS!

8. The aspects of a movie that I'll consider to be my favorite are: convinced acting, great story, brilliant dialogs, inspirational and moving, and the most important is: it has to effect me big time in a good way.

9. My 2 biggest and most favorite guilty pleasures are: Legally Blonde and The Princess' Diaries. LOL. Judge me whatever you like, but I enjoy watching those movies.

10. The actor/actress is not really the reason I will watch one particular movie. I do have favorite actors and actresses though.

I should tag someone with this post, but I don't know who I have to tag. Sorry Miss :) I think I'll tag all my Indonesian movie-blogger friends. Or everyone who read this, consider yourselves are already tagged!


  1. What is this meme??why does it have to be full english? :)

  2. This meme was started by a foreign blogger. I think in order to be read by all readers from around the world, it should be written in English. And because my teacher told me to LOL.

  3. akhirnya update jg blog lo... gue ga nyangka lo nntn legally blonde dan princess diaries haha

  4. Huahaha your facts suprised me a bit...especialy on that guilty pleasure.

    I like what you've said about Indonesian say it better than me...Just like I've told you, you shouldn't be minder at all :) you have better skill in writing tha me.

    I also watch movie not only based on the actors...the story plays big part in which movie I am going to watch...however, I will watch all movies by my fav actor/actres even though I might not like the story.

    Maybe you can tag it to Indonesian blogger and they may use Indonesian ;)

    PS. I kinda confused too on what is our in the end I consider you as my student tho I've never actually taught you ;p ... maybe I should have said 'adik kelas'.

  5. i do agree, legally blonde is also my guilty pleasure :)

  6. @reddish: iya lagi agak2 males nih fi akhir2 ini gara2 ujian dll -__- hahaha keren kali tuh 2 film!

    @novroz: hahaha yes, we kinda have a strange relationship

    @dr.b: hahaha memang filmnya seru ya

    @budi cahyono: iya saya juga suka banget.. btw, salam kenal!

  7. fariz you're insane! you like legally blond and phew, princess diaries! can't believe that.

  8. saya seumur2 belum pernah nonton jumanji, pasti ada aja yang menghadang biasanya ketiduran hehe

  9. wowowow..legally blonde dan the princess diaries! agak surprise sih riz, but i liked that movies too.. haha..

  10. mau ganti berlangganan majalah apa bro?

  11. pertama-tama mohon maaf karena udah lama gak diupdate ya :)

    @prima: yep!

    @jonoterbakar: wah sayang bgt, seru lho hehe btw, salam kenal!

    @gabby: hahaha memang bagus kan mbak?

    @bangmupi: kayaknya mau TFI nih, tapi blom tau juga mas hehehe

  12. Riz, bikin review Scream 1, 2, 3 dong. Itung2 menjelang Scream 4, hehe maaf bm..

  13. @erlangga: wah dulu jg gw pengen review 3-3nya langsung! hahaha ntar deh kalo sempet ya hehehe