Sunday, May 10, 2009


For those who love How I Met Your Mother, I found this video in YouTube 2 days ago, and yet I still can't stop watching it. It's the cover from the opening credit, which is, according to me, the second-best opening credit of all time (Friends' opening is the first). It's only a 23 seconds vid, but it really is beautiful!

The original one:

Sorry for the junk post. If you haven't seen HIMYM, start watching, like, NOW!

PS: The video was the reason I wanted to move my mom's keyboard to my bedroom. Why? I want to learn playing piano!! I regret that I quit my keyboard lessons back then.


  1. Gila ini show gokil banget riz, tapi gue belom sempet nonton yang season 4. Lo udah nonton ?

  2. hahaha setuju nis! iya gw masih ngikutin nih ampe sekarang, masih bagus kok nis, lama2 gregetan nih gw, ga ketemu2 sama mother nya hahaha