Monday, May 18, 2009

Now or Never

Attention, this is a junk post. I'm not ashamed to admit that I follow Grey's Anatomy, well because everybody thinks thats lame show for guys to like. But I never mind that. In fact, this show (partly) has convinced me to go to Med school. Loser? Hahahaha maybe. The show was amazingly terrific in the 2 early seasons, but it went a little boring afterwards, with dull-soap-opera-like stories. Well I dont give a shit about the love stories, but every medical case they had always fascinate me. Few nights ago, season 5 finale, Now or Never, has brighten up this show again. Nice (and bit shocking) crafted ending. Eventhough its not half as great as the early seasons, but its good. People said its not made sense and something about 'ER-ripoff', but I think I haven't felt that shocked from this show in a long time. I'm not gonna spoil it to you, though. Again, peeps, this is a junk post. I just wanted to update this blog. No harm. Peace out!


  1. tau ga riz gw kira lo nge review High School Musical abis judulnya "Now or Never" hahahahahahha

  2. Kan di hsm ada lagu now or never itu riz. Gw kaget, gw kira lo pindah aliran hahaha ternyata greys anatomy. Ga bisa dipercaya juga sih lo beli dvd nya hsm hahahahaha

  3. Grey's anatomy cuma asik ditonton seminggu sekal tapi begitu minjem dvdnya n tiap hari nonton...saya jadi bosan setengah mati. Ga kayak Ugly Betty n Supernatural...nonstop seharianpun ga bosan2