Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fly me back

It's been a while for me to post something that not movie-material. I love chit-chating about my daily life, but I think it'll bore you. And its kinda lame for me, actually. No offense hahaha Well, today, April 26th, will be the last day of High School National Exam's holiday. I don't have any interesting stories to share about my holiday. This holiday for me only revolves around my house and shopping malls. Sucks, right? Well, while I was looking through my friends' photo albums on facebook, I found my photos where I was in Japan for 15 days, back in Summer 08, which was the best holiday I've ever spent.. yet. Will this year's summer kick that trip's ass? Hope so.. But now, I really2 wish to God, please, fly me back to Japan.........

KYOTO! in front of Heian Shrine

KOBE! my host family w/ their American & Indonesian friends!

TOKYO! Tokyo Disneyland; with Capt. Hook, Emmir, Deydra & Icha


  1. kyaaa uruyamashi!!!

    Nihon e ikitain kedo okane ga nai...ichido dake mou ii desu, demo boku wa bimbo desu...haaah

  2. seru banget lo riz liburan taun lalu ke Jepang.... Taun ini mau ke aman riz? ahhahaha

  3. @miss novi: yaampun miss, saya ga ngerti (maaf ya sensei hahaha)

    @dani: hahaha iya dan, ooh gw kira lo tau dan. taun ini ga tau deh, gw pergi kemana angin membawa gw aja deh hahahaahaha lebay

  4. hahaha gimana sih ini muridnya Happy sensei!!